ISS Windows is a complete double-glazed window unit with an integrated shutter system.

The window � including locking mechanism and shutter movement is operated manually from the inside of the building. The integrated window system offers many advantages:


  • Operate shutter manually from inside - with a simple pulley cord
  • Lock using a simple locking mechanism - from inside without keys
  • Maintain and clean from inside � protecting workers
  • Comes complete with a built in tilt and turn double glazed window
  • Improves the security of the building


  • Easier to fit than a traditional window and separate roller shutter
  • Very competitively priced � cheaper than fitting a traditional roller shutter and window
  • Fit to new and existing buildings, and your hire fleet � in the factory or on site
  • No need to fit a wooden architrave or sill � includes internal trim
  • Components and spare parts are readily available


  • The roller shutter is solar reflective so in the summer months it will keep cool, protecting against solar gain
  • In the winter, when the shutter is lowered, it will reduce the heat loss through the window by as estimated 50%.
  • K-Glass double-glazing provides energy efficiency benefits - reducing solar gain and heat loss.
  • Saves on energy bills - creating a �green building solution�


  • The double glazed unit is K glass
  • The system complies with all the UK building regulations.
  • Is fully Health and Safety compliant

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