ISS window systems are designed to be fitted quickly and easily in your factory or on site during the construction phase.

Client Visit
We will meet with each new client to demonstrate the product and show how to install it. This includes meeting with your technical and design teams, as well as your factory foreman and installers to show how simple it is to fit into the manufacturing process, and demonstrate how quick and easy it is to install. Ask us for a client visit.

Manufacturer Support
We will answer any queries as they arise. Past experience tells us that once manufacturers start installing ISS Windows, they don�t have any major issues and support calls are an exception rather than a rule. Saying that, if you have an issue, we are at hand to help. Contact us for support.

We also provide a window maintenance guide � that shows you step-by-step how to maintain the windows. It is so easy to maintain - even your customers could do it.

Spare Parts
Every part of the window is designed to be easily replaceable � with spare parts readily and easily available. It is very easy to replace parts. Anyone with basic DIY skills will be able to replace parts, if required.

Every Window comes with a full 1-year warrantee on parts. The parts just don�t break. Unless, of course, they are consistently used incorrectly. Such as tugging at the pulley cord when the window is locked. The windows come with full operating and user instructions to ensure the product is used correctly.

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